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General Department Notification SRO-455 dated 15th November, 1968.-In exercise of the powers conferred by proviso to section 124 of the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir read with clause (b) of rule 2 of the Indian Administrative Service (Pay) Rules, 1954, the Governor is pleased to make the following rules namely: -
1. Short title and commencement: -
(a) These rules may be called the Jammu and Kashmir Departmental Examination (IAS, KAS and Other Officers) Rules, 1968.
(b) These rules shall come into force with effect form the date these are published in the Government Gazette.

2. Definitions: -
In these rules unless the context otherwise requires: -
(a) “Commission” means the State Public Service Commission;
(b) “Examination” means the examination held under these rules;
(c) “Officers of IAS” means the officer belonging to State cadre of Indian Administrative Service.
(d) “Officers of KAS” means the officers belonging to Kashmir Administrative Service;
(e) “Other Officers” means officers not belonging to KAS or IAS;
(f) “Schedule” means the Schedule appended to these rules.

3. Examination and Syllabus: -
(a) The examination shall be conducted by the Commission twice in a year so far as may be practicable at such place and time as may be appointed by the Commission.
(b) The syllabus for examination shall be as prescribed in the Schedule.

4. Officers who can appear in the examination: -
(i) IAS 1[XXXX] officers;
(ii) [(ii) KAS (Junior time scale) officers appointed on probation after the initial constitution of the service;]
1[Provided that such officers who on the date of their promotions to the service made in terms of rule 5(1) (b) and (c) of the KAS Rules, 1965, were more than 45 years of age, are exempted from passing the examination.]
2[(iii) Other officers who 3[xxx] have been continuously holding on the 1st day of January of the year in which the examination is held, any of the posts mentioned below in officiating or substantive capacity in the grades and for the periods shown against each]: -
(a) Assistant Registrars in the scale of 225-500 …. 3 years
(b) Superintendents in thescale of 215-450 …. 3 years
(c) Assistant Agriculute Production Officers/B.D.Os

In the scale of 225-500 …. 3 years

4[(d) Naib-Tehsildars in the scale of 150-400 or approved candidates for the posts of Naib-Tehsildars selected under the orders of the Competent Authority before 1st June, 1965; provided they have undergone the settlement training and qualified in the prescribed settlement test 3 years
(e) Stenographers in the scale of 150-450 …. 8 years
(f) E.T.Os in the scale of 225-500 …. 3 years
Explanation: - For purpose of this clause service on a post in any category specified above shall include service on a higher post in that category.

5[5. Promotion and Confirmation: -
Without prejudice to the action which may be taken by the Government under rule 20 of the KAS Rules, 1965, no officer mentioned in clauses (i) and (ii) of rule 4 above shall be eligible to: -
(a) Promotion to senior time scale in his service if he is a member of IAS or KAS;
(b) Confirmation in junior time scale in KAS;
Unless he passes the examination under these rules:]
1[Provided that where the period of probation has been extended for reasons not directly attributable to a probationer beyond the normal period of two years of probation, the government may confirm such probationer if he is other wise eligible for such confirmation;]
2[Provided that the Government may if necessary promote an IAS junior time scale officers to officiate in a senior time scale subject to his clearance of the examination within a period to be specified in each from time from the date of such officiating promotion.]

6. Application to appear in examination: - Applications to the Commission for appearing in the examination shall be routed through the Administrative Department of the officer.

7. Change in syllabus: -
The Government may, in consultation with the Commission vary the syllabus as and when it considers necessary.

8. Written examination and oral test: -
(i) Written Examination:
(ii) Oral test in local language.

3(b) The written examination shall be held in 6 papers. The maximum marks for each written paper and that for oral test shall be assigned as follows: -

S.No Paper Max.Marks
1Paper A 100
2Paper B 100
3 Paper C 100
4 Paper D 100
5 Paper E 100
6 Paper F
(i) Part (a) urdu language test written paper of normal standard to test the knowledge of the language.
(ii) Part (b) oral test in colloquial Kashmiri and Dogri Language


(c) The time allowed for each written paper except for Urdu language paper shall be three hours. The time allowed for written paper of Urdu language shall be one hour and for oral test it shall be 15 to 20 minutes.

9. Option to appear in examination in all or any of the 1[papers]: -
An officer may appear in all or any of the 1[papers] at the same examination.

10. Standard for the examination: -
There shall be two standards of the examination, namely: -
(a) higher standard i.e. in which an officer shall have to obtains not less than 55% marks in each subject;
(b) lower standard i.e. in which an officer shall have to obtain no less than 45% marks in each subject;

11. Higher standard and lower standard examinations: -
The officers belonging to IAS 2[xxx] shall have to pass the Higher Standard Examination and the officers belonging to categories mentioned in clauses (ii) & (iii) of rule 4 shall have to pass the lower standard Examination.
3[12. Papers for IAS officers and law graduates: -
(a) The examination in paper F at item 6 of sub-clause (b) of rule 8 shall be passed only by IAS officers who are not permanent residents.
3[(b) The examination in part (b) (Oral test) of paper F at item 6 of Sub-rule (b) of rule 8, shall be passed in Kashmiri Language by non-Kashmiri speaking and in Dogri Language by non-Dogri speaking candidates only];
4[Provided that the candidates hailing from Ladakh and Kargil districts shall be required to pass the oral test only in one of the two languages namely, Kashmiri and Dogri.]
5[13. [xxx].

14. Rules and procedure to conduct examination: -
Rules and procedure regarding the conduct of the examination shall be prescribed by the Commission separately.
6[15. Repeal and saving: -
The rules for the Departmental Examination of Naib-Tehsildars /Tehsildars / Assistant Commissioner Cum-Deputy Commissioner sanctioned vide SRO 345 dated 07.10.1964 (in this rule referred to as the said rules) are hereby superseded except in so far as these relate to the departmental examination of Naib-Tehsildars which shall continue to be in force as heretofore.
(2) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-rule (1) the said rules shall remain in force in respect of persons who have partially qualified in the examination by the Tehsildari standard under the said rules an every such person shall have four consecutive chances irrespective of the number of chances availed of by him under the said rules.
1[(3) Any person having qualified in the examination by the Tehsildari standard under the said rules shall have to qualify in paper D and paper E at items 4 and 5 of sub-rule (b) of rule 8 of these rules and thereupon such person shall be deemed to have qualified in the Departmental examination under these rules.

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