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Srinagar, the 12th of May 2000

SRO - 139 - In exercise of the powers conferred by the proviso to section 124 of the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir, the Governor hereby makes the following rules, namely: -

1. Short title and commencement: i) These rules mat be called the Jammu and Kashmir Combined Competitive Services (Probation and Examination) Rules, 2000.

ii) These rules shall be deemed to have come into force with effect from 12.07.1999.

2. Exemption: The probationers required to pass the examination under these rules shall be exempted from passing any other departmental examination, whenever prescribed in feeding services.

3. Definitions: -

a. "Annexure" means the annexure appended to these rules;

b. "Commission" means the Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission;

c. "Feeding Service" means the service as defined by clause (b) of sub-rule (1) of rule 5 of the Jammu and Kashmir Administrative Service Rules, 1979;

d. "Examination" means the examination held under these rules;

e. "Government" means the Government of Jammu and Kashmir;

f. "State" means the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

4. Probation: i) Persons appointed to service by direct recruitment shall be placed on probation for a period of two years.

ii) If it appears at any time during or at the end of the period of probation that an officer has not made sufficient for a period of two years.

5. Examination: i) Every probationer shall, at or about the end of period of training in the instructions specified for the purpose, appear in the examination.

ii) The examination shall be conducted by the Commission twice in a year, as far as practicable, at such place and time as may be appointed by the Commission.

6. Syllabus: i) The syllabus for the examination shall be as specified in Annexure to these rules. The papers for the examination and the maximum marks allotted to each paper shall be as follows: - Paper Maximum Marks Compulsory I 100
II 100
III 100
IV 100
V 100
VI 100
VII 100
ii) Every probationer shall be required to pass all the compulsory papers and one paper to be chosen from the two optional papers (VI & VII).

iii) The Government may in consultation with Commission change the syllabus as and when it consider necessary.

7. Minimum marks: Every probationer shall be required to obtain such minimum percentage of marks for passing each paper at the examination as may be determined by the Commission after the examination of the said paper(s) by the examiner(s) appointed by the Commission.

8. Maximum chances to qualify: Every probationer shall have three chances and a mercy chance to pass the examination under these rules: Provided that where the Government is satisfied that a candidate, missing any chance to appear in any examination due to any circumstance or reason beyond his/her control or failed to appear consecutively as aforesaid, it may by order allow that candidate to avail of the chance(s) so missed in any examination notwithstanding anything to the contrary in these rules.

9. Applications to Commission for appearing in the examination shall be routed through the Administrative Department of the officer.

10. Procedure to conduct examination: The procedure regarding the conduct of the examination shall be prescribed by the Commission separately.

11. Repeal: All existing rules and orders relating to matters covered by these rules shall stand superseded from the date of issuance of these rules.

By order of the Governor.

Commr./Secretary to Government
General Administration Department

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