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SRO 339- In exercise of the powers conferred by the proviso to section 124 of the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir, the Governor hereby makes the following rules for the departmental examination of the Revenue Service (Executive), namely: -

1. Short title and commencement: -

(1) These rules may be called the Jammu and Kashmir Revenue Service (Executive) Departmental Examination Rules, 2003.

(2) These rules shall come into force from the date of their publication in the Government Gazette.

2. Definitions:- In these rules, unless the context otherwise requires: -

(a) "Commission" means the Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission;

(b) "Examination" means the Examination held under these rules;

(a) "Naib Tehsildar" "Girdawar" and "Patwari" means the Naib Tehsildar, Girdawar and Patwari born on the cadre of J&K Revenue (Subordinate) Services;

(b) "Schedule" means the schedule appended to these rules;

(c) "Service" means the Jammu and Kashmir Revenue (Gazetted) Service and Jammu and Kashmir Revenue (Subordinate) Service; and

(d) "Tehsildar" means the Tehsildar born on the cadre of the Jammu and Kashmir Revenue (Gazetted) Service.

3. Examination and Syllabus:-

The examination shall be conducted by the Commission in accordance with the syllabus contained in the schedule and shall as far as practicable, be held twice in a year at such place or places and at such time as may be determined by the Commission.

4. Eligibility of the candidates: -

No persons shall be eligible to appear in the examination unless he/she has been appointed/promoted against an executive post of the Jammu and Kashmir Revenue (Subordinate) Service or of the Jammu and Kashmir Revenue (Gazetted) Service or is a member of the J&K Revenue (Subordinate) Services or of the J&K Revenue (Gazetted) Service.

5. Application to appear in examination: -

(i) Application for permission to appear in the examination shall be invited by the Secretary to Commission (hereinafter referred to as the Secretary) by publishing a notification in the Government Gazette and though other available modes. The applications shall be on the form prescribed by the Commission.

(ii) The applications to Commission for appearing in the examination shall be routed through the Deputy Commissioner of the concerned District who shall certify the eligibility of the candidature for the said examination.

(iii) Every time a candidate applies for appearing in an examination, he shall pay to the Commission through a Treasury receipt an examination fee to be notified by the Commission at the time of issuance of notification. The examination fee shall be credited in to the Government Treasury under the Account Head specified in the notification inviting the applications.

(iv) A candidate who appears in all the papers at a time and passes all in single attempt but fails in one paper may be given grace marks by the Commission, in the paper in which he has failed, as may be decided by it on the basis of overall performance in other papers. However, no grace marks shall be given to a candidate clearing the examination in parts.

(v) A certificate, in such form as the Commission may prescribe shall be issued to the candidate, who qualifies the examination in full.

6. Option to appear in all or any of the subject: -

Candidates shall have the option to appear in all or any of the papers prescribe in syllabus by the Commission.

7. Standard fro the examination: -

(i) The maximum marks for each paper shall be 100. The candidate shall have to obtain not less 40% marks in each individual paper: Provided that Law Graduates shall be exempted from appearing in papers I and II of the schedule.

(ii) The time allowed for writing answer scripts shall be 3 hours for each paper.

8. Maximum chances to qualify: -

The maximum chances which a candidate shall be allowed to pass the examination, shall not exceed four.

9. Rules and procedure to conduct examination: -

Rules and procedure regarding the conduct of the examination, not herein provided, shall be prescribed by the Commission separately.

10. Repeal and saving: -

(i) All rules corresponding to these rules and in force immediately before the commencement of these rules, are hereby repealed:

(ii) Notwithstanding such repeal any person having qualified under the Jammu and Kashmir Tehsildari Departmental Revenue (Subordinate) Service Recruitment Rules, 1973 be deemed to have passed the examination under these rules: Provided that a candidate having partially qualified the Tehsildari or Naib Tehsildari Examination shall appear, in the papers (not qualified) under these rules, as per equivalence to be worked out.

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