Assistant Director (Statistics)

Government order No. 229 of 1976
Dated 4-12-1976


This booklet contains a copy of the Rules governing Jammu and Kashmir statistical cum Evaluation service for which this competitive Examination is held and is obtainable from the office of the secretary, Jammu and Kashmir public service commission, Jammu/ Srinagar on a written request accompanied by a crossed postal order/ treasury receipt for Rs 2 . Before filling the application form the candidates are advised to study these instructions and rules carefully to see if they are eligible. The conditions prescribed cannot be relaxed.

2. The application form should be filled up in candidate’s own handwriting. Entries/ Answers against each item should be in words and not by putting by dashes or dots. The complete application form should reach the secretary, Jammu and Kashmir public service commission on or before the last date prescribed in the separate Notifications, inviting applications for this examination. Applications received after the last date or incomplete in any respect will not be entertained provided that such applications as are posted at least three days before the closing date but are received late owing to postal delays may be entertained on production of documentary proof with respect to the posting of such applications. Candidates are advised in their own interest. To obtain a printed receipt from the office if they submit their applications personally Applications sent through post should necessarily be sent under Registered acknowledgment due post superscribed on the envelope Jammu and Kashmir statistical cum Evaluation Service Competitive Examination,

3. A candidate already in Government service whether in a permanent or temporary capacity should submit his application complete in all respects routed through his employer. It will be the duty of the candidate to get his application through proper channel routed before the last prescribed date.

4. Candidates are warned that they should not furnish any particulars that are fails are suppress any material in filling in the application form.

5. The applications should be accompanied by the following documents:
i. Treasury receipt postal order for Rs. 25/ as examination free (Rs. 12.50 only in the case of scheduled caste candidates). In the case of treasury receipts the amount of examination free is to be credited in any state treasury under the Head 0051- public service commission Free. The postal order should be made payable to the Secretary J&K Public Service Commission. The postal order should bear the signature of the issuing post Master. Postal order not bearing the clear stamp with date of issue of the issuing post office will not be accepted and the candidate’s application rejected.
ii. Three identical copies of the recent passport size (5CMX7CM) photograph duly signed by the candidate on its front .One copy of the [appropriate place of the application form, one copy pasted on the enclosed identification certificate and remaining copy firmly attached with the application form indicating name of the candidate on back side. The identification Certificate should be got attested by a gazetted officer under his official seal.
iii. Copies Of the following certificate attested by a Gazetted officer over his official seal stamp:
(a) Matriculation Or equivalent (For purpose of age).
(b) All academic certificate
(c) Character (as required under the respective rules).
(d) Permanent residence
Note A: Candidates claiming to be member of scheduled castes submit in support of his claim a certificate in original form the Tehsildar of the concerned Tehsil over his official seal and in the form prescribed in the rules.
Note B: Candidates are requested to submit along with their applications only copies of their certificates duly attested by a Gazetted Officer. Candidates who qualify for viva voce Test on the basis of result of the written examination will be required to produce their original certificates at the time of interview will not be interviewed and will have no claim to further consideration.
Note C: certificate of age:
(i) The date of birth originally accepted by the commission is that entered in the Matriculation certificate or in the secondary school leaving certificate or in certificate recognized by an Indian University as equivalent to Matriculation or in an extract from Register of Matriculates maintained by a university, which extract must be certified by the proper authority of the university. A candidate who had passed the Higher Secondary Examination may submit an attested/ certificates or an equivalent certificate.
The expression Matriculation/ Higher Secondary Examination certificate in this part of the instructions includes the alternative certificates mentioned above Candidates are warned that unless complete proof of age laid down in these instructions is sent with the application, the application may be rejected. Further they are warned that if the date of birth started in the application is inconsistent with that shown in the matriculation certificate/ Higher Secondary Examination Certificate and no satisfactory explanation is offered, the application will rejected. (ii) CANDIDATES SHOULD NOTE THAT ONCE A DATE OF BIRTH HAS BEEN CLAIMED BY THEM AND ACCEPTED BY THE COMMISSION FOR THE PURPOSE OF ADMISSION TO AN EXAMINATION NO CHANGE WILL ORDINARILY BE ALLOWED AT A SUBSEQUENT EXAMINATION. Any change in the address already given by a candidate in his application should be brought to the notice of the commission not later than one month before the commencement of the examination.

7. The examination will be conducted at Srinagar and Jammu . The candidates are advised to indicate the choice between Srinagar and Jammu.

8. Candidates can withdraw their candidature from the examination on or before the last date as indicated in the notification inviting applications for the examination. Any request received for withdrawal of candidature after this date will be entertained.

9. Candidates are warned that if any application is not accompanied with any one of the documents mentioned under paragraph 5(five) above without a reasonable explanation for its absence having been given the application will be rejected and no appeal against its rejection will be entertained. The documents not submitted with the application should be sent soon after the submission of the application and in any case they must reach the commission’s office within one month after the one month of the receipt of applications. Otherwise the application will be rejected.

10. The fact that an application form has been supplied on a certain date will not be accepted as an excuse for the last submission of an application form does not ipso- facto make the receiver eligible for the acknowledgement.

11. If a candidate does not receive any acknowledgement of his application with a month form the last date receipt of application for the examination, he should at once contact the secretary for the acknowledgement.

12. Every candidate for this examination will be informed

13. at the earliest possible date the admissibility or otherwise of his application. It is not, however, possible to say when this will be communicated. But if a candidate does not receive from the J&K public Service Communication a communication regarding the admissibility or otherwise of his of his application one month before the commencement of examination he should at once contact the secretary. Failure to comply with this provision will deprive the candidate of any claim to consideration.

In pursuance of the powers conferred by rule 6 of the Jammu and I Statistical cum evaluation Service Rules, l974, the in consultation with the Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission thereby make the following Regulations, namely:
l. Short Title:
(1)The Regulations may be called the Jammu and Kashmir Statistical cum Service (Competitive Examination Regulations, 1976.
(2)These shall come into force at once.
2. Definitions
(1) In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires,
(a) "available vacancies" means the vacancies in the service which as determined by the Government under the rules, ‘are to b filled on the results of any examination.
(b) "Commission" means the Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission.
(c) "Examination" means a competitive examination for recruitment to the Service held under sub rule (1) of rule(6) of the Rules.
(d) "Lists" means the list of candidates prepared under sub rule(3)of rule 6 of the Rules.
(e) "Rules" means the Jammu and Kashmir Statistical cum Evaluation Service.Ru1es 1974.

(2) All other words and expressions used in these regulations and not defined shall have the same meaning as assigned to than in the Rules.
3. The examination shall be held at such intervals as the Govt. may, in consultation with the Commission, from time to time determine, but at least once in a calendar year unless cancelled for good and j sufficient reasons.
4 (1) The examination will be conducted by the Commission in accordance with, the provisions of the Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission (Conduct of Examination) Rules 1973.
(2)Applications for admission to the examination shall be accompanied by the attested copies of the following documents, which shall be produced in original at the time of viva voce test:
(i) Academic Qualification
(ii) Date of birth Certificate;
(iii) Permanent Resident Certificate;
(iv) Treasury Receipt/Postal order for the amount as may be fixed by the Commission as Examination fee; and
(v) Three copies of the 1as passport size photograph
(3)An application complete in all respects shall be submitted by the candidate desiring to appear in the examination direct to the Secretary of the Commission. In case of candidates already in Government service another copy of the application shall be submitted by them through proper channel but the copy addressed to the Secretary should be accompanied by the Treasury Receipt for the examination fee and the certificate mentioned in para (2) above. No admission provisional or absolute will be given unless the application routed by the Government employee through his Department is received duly .supported by the Head of the Department concerned.
5 .Examination:—The Examination shall consist of two parts:—
(i) Written Examination 600 marks
(ii) Viva Voce 200 marks.
6 .Written Examination:—(1)The written examination shall include compulsory and optional papers. Every candidate shall have to take all the compulsory papers, in addition to two optional papers.
(2)Syllabus for the written examination, maximum marks and time allowed for each paper and standard of the Examination shall be as shown in Appendix I to these regulations.
(3)Every candidate shall sp the option papers in his application form in which he wants to appear. The option once made shall be final.
(4)Unless otherwise required by the examiner all question papers shall be answered in English.
(5)Credit will be given for orderly, effective and exact expression combined with the economy of words in all papers of the examination.
(6)If a candidate’s handwriting is not easily legible deduction will be made on this account from the total marks otherwise, awarded to
7.Viva Voce Test:—(l) Candidates, who obtain such minimum qualifying marks in the written examination, as may be fixed by the Commission in their discretion, shall be called for’ viva voce test.
(2)The object of the Viva Voce test shall be to assess the candidate’s intelligence, Perspicacity and aptitude. Questions regarding matters of genera interest may also be asked.
8.Qualified candidates to be arranged in order of merit:- the conclusion of the examination, the candidates will be arranged by the Commission in order of merit as disclosed by the aggregate marks finally awarded to each candidate, and in that order so many candidates as are found by the Commission in their discretion to be qualified by the examination, shall be recommended .for appointment up to the number of unreserved, vacancies decided to be filled up on the results of the examination, provided, that any candidate belonging to a class regarding which a provision for reservation o appointment or post has been made who though not qualified by the standard prescribed by the Commission is declared by them to be suitable for appointment thereto with due regard -to the maintenance of efficiency and administration, shall be recommended for appointment to vacancies reserved for member of such class in that service.
9.Medical Fitness: candidate must be menta1ly fit and bodily sound and free from any physical defect likely to interfere with the discharge of his duties as an officer of the service. A candidate who after such medical examination as the Government may prescribe is found not ‘to satisfy these requirements will not be appointed. Any candidate called for the viva voce by the Commission may be required to undergo medical examination.
Note: Instructions to appear before Medical Board should not be deemed to mean that candidate for direct recruitment, if found fit, is necessarily given an appointment as the number of candidates who will be asked to appear for medical examination will generally be in excess of the total number of available vacancies. The medical examination will be conducted by a Medical Board in accordance with Appendix II to b arranged for by the Commission for which the candidate will have to pay to t Medical Board a fee of Rs. ‘16/
10. Determination of order of merit: The order merit shall be determined in accordance with the highest marks secured in the viva voce. Should the marks in the viva voce of the candidates also equal, the order of merit shall be decided in accordance with the highest marks obtained by such candidates in the aggregate of the compulsory papers.
11: Success in the examination confers no right to appointment unless Government are satisfied, after such enquiry as may be considered necessary, that the candidate is suitable in all respects for appointment to the service.

By order of the Government of Jammu and Kashmir
Additional Secretary to Government,
Planning & Development Department.

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